Weekend Fun in Cabo

I’m really glad that, by a thoughtless, yet a lucky decision, I made Los Cabos my home.   When I’m the phone with friends, and feel the need to show off, I always remind them my backyard pool is the Pacific Ocean.   Yeah, thats right….the Pacific Ocean, its the big blue thing on the map.

Being that this is my first year here, I’m trying to learn everything, from what activities I love best to what restaurants to try out.  Sometime I questions if the heartburn I endure, while struggling to find the perfect taco out of a hundred Mexican restaurants or the best lobster in town, is worth it.  Right now, Lorezillo’s is at the top of the list, but we’ll see how long that lasts.  This process takes time mostly because there’s only one of me and a multitude of restaurants to try.

Activities, in Los Cabos, demand a little more sacrifice because they vary by season. For example, we only have a few a weeks left for the snorkeling tours before the water temperature drops and it becomes too cold to swim.  The coming of winter motivates everyone to recommend water activities, such as, the snorkeling tours that allow visitor to explore the spectacular reefs at the Santa Maria or Chileno Bay.

Once this tour is cancelled for the winter, we will have the opportunity of becoming a witness to the migration of some of the biggest mammals on earth, the Gray and Humpback whales.  Come December thru March, the whales will be passing by the peninsula of Baja California.   If you’re lucky to visit Los Cabos during these months, you can have the opportunity, as hundreds of visitors do every year, of an encounter with these amazing creatures.

This is just one of many excursions that I’m excited to learn about and wanting to try out.   Even though I have the ocean and all of Cabo as my playground, I find it difficult to do all of these activities since I first moved here.  I can only imagine it being harder when you’re just visiting for a few days.  So to help out visitors with time on their hands, I’ve created a list of my favorite 3 activities, I believe, you should try out.

Los Cabos Sunset Dinner Cruise
Cruise the Famous Arch, a Sea Lion colony and into the Pacific for a gorgoeous Cabo sunset.   You will enjoy perfect ambiance, a tasty dinner with an open bar and unbbeatble services.

Los Cabos ATV Adventure
The ATV adventure is the most talked about attraction in Cabo.  Drive an ATV to explore the sand dunes and trails where you will be in awe of the spectacular views.

Los Cabos Zip and Splash
This adventure starts at Desertica where you will hop into  Austrian Army trucks and head towards the Gold Canyon Yaneká where you will experience the rush of flying on our 8 ultrafast zip lines. Once back in Desertica, the refreshing pool is waiting where you can relax until your light lunch is served.

So there you go…

You have my top three activities that I know you will enjoy if you try them out.  Having done these activities myself, I can honestly say, that ANYONE of all ages can do these activties… you just have to be a little daring.  For reservations or questions feel free to contact me.


Finally I got the news I have been expecting for a couple of days.   We are starting to see some changes that will start affecting everyone here from locals to even to those visiting Mexico.   Recently the Mexican Government has been working in ways to help reduce the increase in crime.  How?  To start off they actually started a war with the drug cartels, but since I’m not familiar with the topic or have enough facts about it, I will keep my personal input/opinion to myself.  As for the change that I have been waiting to emerge has to be with the money exchange here in Los Cabos and ALL of Mexico.

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Many of us has at one point read an article or seen a show about how to save money when we are on vacation.   Reason being is because everyone one likes to save a buck or two when we can.   In this modern age where prices are soaring and the quality is dropping saving a dollar is worth it.   To get back on track the one fact we often hear is to visit destination during slow season when locations have a low number of visitors.

Slow season here in Los Cabos is mostly from August through September.   Everyone is quite aware of this and to survive during these struggling times they bring the rates down.  As part of this yearly change Im happy to inform about my favorite special for the month of September.  During this month we are offering a 2 for 1 special.  If you make the math that is a 50% discount.   This special only applies to certain activities which I have placed below.  For more information please feel free to email back or post your comment.

America’s Cup
This is a great way to experience life as a Sailor.  You will learn the aspects of sailing and what it means to be part of the crew.   Great fun for all ages especially kids!

Sunset Sailing
Cabo San Lucas is world-famous for its stunning sunsets enjoy the rare opportunity to sail aboard a luxury America’s Cup yacht.  On the America’s Cup they combine two exhilarating experiences in one to create the thrill of a lifetime.

Desert Safari
The 4×4 Desert Safari is an unforgettable eco-adventure deep into the heart of the Baja desert. In a small group, aboard the all-terrain Mercedes Benz Unimog, the off-road voyage of discovery will take us through charming remote villages and over some of the most chassis-challenging terrain on the planet. The close support of a highly-trained team of guides means this experience is always under expert supervision.

Outdoor Adventure
This Outdoor Adventure tour offers you the unique opportunity to try your hand at an exhilarating blend of activities in the stunning surroundings of the Unesco protected Boca de Sierra Biosphere Reserve. This zip line tour is the most exciting way to explore the great Baja outdoors.

Scuba Diving
The abundant sea life and amazing rock formations of the Sea of Cortes play host to  one  one of Mexico’s top diving destinations. At the PADI 5 star IDC Dive Center, professional diving instructors combine their expertise with the utmost personal attention in scuba lessons for every level of PADI Certification. Whether you are a beginner or a certified diver, this is a fun, safe and exciting day you’ll never forget. By the way….the picture shows you the actual clarity of the water…you can see the abundant sea life!

Swimming with the Dolphin
Everyone dreams of swimming with dolphins and, Los Cabos, are host to several Pacific Bottlenose dolphins eager to meet you. Get the chance to chat, cuddle, and flirt with these cheeky and charming creatures.

As a local concierge the best advice I always give is to pre-arrange your activities.  You don’t have to schedule it today, but do make your reservation.  Why? This offer is not just offered to me exclusively, but to EVERY visitor in Cabo.  Call me or email me today so we can help you secure your reservation. Your comments and/or questions are always welcomed.

Boosting your health in Los Cabos is very simple.  The first step is finding the  nearest bar in your resort and order up a Coconut drink.   Yes that right! Coconuts have been called the greatest gift found on this round rock we call Earth. The coconut is known to provide a nutritious source of meat, juice, milk, and oil that has fed and nourished populations around the world for generations. On many islands coconut is a staple in the diet and provides the majority of the food eaten. Nearly one third of the world’s population depends on coconut to some degree for their food and their economy. Among these cultures the coconut has a long and respected history.

As for its medical use coconut water is almost identical to blood plasma and this makes it easy to use for blood transfusion. In cases of emergency coconut water has been used as an intravenous hydration fluid instead of the standard IV fluid. During World War II many wounded soldiers were saved in the Pacific because of emergency transfusion using coconut water as plasma.

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So most of us heard of the famous song “Hotel California” by the Eagles in the 1970.   At first no one knew where this hotel was, but sometime in the mid to late 1980’s, the word got out that Todos Santos was home to the real Hotel California famed after the hit song. By the 1990’s there were some articles that started appearin in major newspapers.  Now the Hotel California is visited by many tourist and this 21st of July you can have the opportunity of taking part of a presentation of a local writer telling its story of why the Hotel California is “Legendary”. Continue Reading »

Your finaly made your decision of visiting our famed destination of Los Cabos, Mexico. Here is a tip for you new comers of what to expect when you arrive.

Don’t be stupid. Don´t take chances that you might be inclided to do in the United States or Canada. Don’t walk down the street alone, drunk, after midnight. Don’t associate with anyone on the street after midnight. If someone comes up to you and offers you drugs or sex, keep walking, don’t stop. Don’t even slow down to say no thank you, you are then associated with drug dealers.

It sounds a bit stong, but its true. It’s pretty simple. It’s like New Your City. Stay in the nice areas and nothing happens, but go to the bad areas and well we all know what the consequences could be.

This is a third world country. The most charming part of Mexico is its wonderful people. But, as in all countries, there are some that would take advantage of those they perceive to be culnerable. Your best posture is to be alert, (which includes not drunk,) and polite but firm in any situation. They back down quickly as they really are nice people.

*Part of an article from The Gringo Gazette.

Here is a list of the Top 5 Must Do Activities if your new to our sunny destination of Los Cabos. My list involves the activities for those seeking the thrill of adventure to a relaxing day of sightseeing and tequila tasting.

1. Zip Splash Adventure
A world class zip line course that offers the adventure seeker a rush of flying, especially on our “Aventura” Course, where 8 ultrafast zip lines are waiting to be conquered.

2. ATV Adventure
ATV 4-wheel bike tours are the most talked about adventures that Los Cabos has to offer. You can enjoy a day of riding in Magriño, a protect area beside the ocean.

3. Three Bay Crusade Kayak Adventure
The kayak and snorkel adventure allows visitors to discover the magnificence of the Twin Dolphin, Santa Maria and Chileno Bay.

4. Los Cabos Sunset Dinner Cruise
A romantic evening of riding in the open sea. You can feel the warm breeze in the air, you can hear the waves in the sea and finally enjoy a delicious meal while you enjoy the sunset out in the Pacific Ocean.

5. Los Cabos City Tour
A great way to learn about our destination especially for new comers. The tour will show our main destination including well known historical sites in San Jose del Cabo, a taste of the local cuisine and including tequila tasting.